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Iphone push

Posted on: December 9, 2008

Dear guys,

sorry for not posting for such a long time.
Hope i can give you some new information about pushmail and the iphone.
A lot of people out there are not happy about the iphones imap capabilities, cause the iphone does not support the IDLE command to get the mails in realtime. There is only a opportunity to pull the mails with imap.
A few weeks ago i found a project called z-push, which is implementing a open source version of Activesync.

After i read the statements from their homepage, i was quite impressed and decided to test this nice little kind of software.
Today i downloaded the tar file from sourceforge und unpacked it.
After configuring apache, php and config.php. I tried to enable the pushservice on my Iphone.
I selected exchange in the emailmenu and configured the ip of the server.
It was wonderful my imap server was now able to push the emails to my iphone, but with strange behavior. The emails were always marked as read.
The second thing was, i was not able to move messages into folders.

But i found this solution http://z-push.sourceforge.net/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=339&p=1669#p1669

"backend/diffbackend.php" line 275:
function ImportMessageMove($id, $newfolder) {
+ $this->_backend->MoveMessage($this->_folderid, $id, $newfolder);
return true;

Also, this had to be done to avoid the iPhone from setting all messages to read:
"backend/imap.php" line 593:
- $mail = @imap_fetchheader($this->_mbox, $id, FT_PREFETCHTEXT | FT_UID) . @imap_body($this->_mbox, $id, FT_PEEK | FT_UID);
+ $mail = @imap_fetchheader($this->_mbox, $id, FT_UID) . @imap_body($this->_mbox, $id, FT_PEEK | FT_UID);

I hope i was able to help somebody.

Best regards,



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